Prevailing Through Endurance

Making Lemonade From A Lemon. Meet Jim Kostas.

None of us wants the hassle, headache and costs that come with having purchased a “lemon.” Unfortunately, dealers and manufacturers can make it difficult for us. This can make our lives more difficult than they have to be.

I am attorney Jim Kostas. For over three decades, I have helped people resolve their legal issues. If you believe you have a lemon, or have another faulty or defective consumer product, I can help you understand your rights and pursue compensation. For more information about my education and legal background, follow the link below:

When The Dealer Is Not Telling The Truth

We want to believe that when we buy or lease a car, which we use on the highways and freeways and drive our family around in, we are being told exactly how safe the vehicle is. It’s frustrating and unacceptable when a dealer attempts to put the blame on us, saying that the multitude of repairs (typically brakes) are due to our misuse, overuse or just general use of the vehicle.

I can see through these falsehoods. I will use the paper trail to prove that either the manufacturer is producing a defective product or the dealer is not telling the truth. See more about what my clients have said about my ability to return results.

Through Endurance, One Prevails

In my experience, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Dealers and manufacturers who do not do the right thing must be shown that this fight will not be given up. Only with persistence and determination (and in this case, legal skill) can a favorable outcome be achieved. The famous and persistent explorer Ernest Shackleton’s family motto was “through endurance, one prevails.” This is perhaps never more true than in the practice of law.

No one has to “go it alone.” In lemon law and defective consumer product cases, you need a strong advocate and protector to go to bat for you. If you are going up against a giant corporation, then you need a firm with the endurance to make the journey and the experience to prevail against unlimited financial resources. I believe I am that person and Kostas Law Firm is that firm.

Turn To Me When You Are Done Being ‘Reasonable’

A dealer or manufacturer must replace or repurchase your vehicle after a number of “reasonable” attempts to fix it have failed. I will review the terms and your warranty, and let you know if you have reached that point and what to do next. Find out how I can help you in a free consultation. There is no fee due to me unless I take your case and win it for you. Call 661-202-2444 or send me an email at the firm. Located in Palmdale, I serve clients throughout the Antelope Valley area.