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5 Steps to Prepare Your Lemon Law Claim

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Lemon Law, Lemon Law Vehicles

Did you purchase or lease a car only to spend more time at the repair shop than on the open road? Does that mean your car is a lemon? Not every troublesome car qualifies as a lemon. A lemon is a vehicle that has defects affecting its use, safety or value. These cars are typically newer vehicles.

New vehicles are sometimes manufactured improperly. These cars may contain defects, such as design flaws or errors during the manufacturing process. Consumer protection legislation labels these vehicles as “lemons” if the problem keeps recurring despite a reasonable number of repair attempts.

If you are concerned that your vehicle may be a lemon, contact our lemon law attorney in the Antelope Valley. The Kostas Law Firm has experience representing clients in the Antelope Valley, Palmdale and Lancaster areas with their lemon law problems. An attorney can help you determine if you have a lemon law claim.

How Does the Lemon Law Protect Consumers?

Lemon laws help protect consumers by forcing manufacturers to buy back defective cars or replace them. There are federal and California laws protecting consumers.

Federal Lemon Laws

The Federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act provides protection to consumers.

California Lemon Laws

California’s lemon law applies to new and used vehicles sold or leased in the state that come with the manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty. California enacted the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act in 1970. This required manufacturers to repurchase or replace faulty products. Within this law, there is a presumption guideline that helps car owners determine if their car is a lemon.

Both California and federal laws cover a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs.

Steps to Prepare Your California Lemon Law Claim

If you think your car is a lemon, there are five steps you can take to prepare for your California lemon law claim.

  1. Find Out If Your Car Is Under the Original Warranty. Your vehicle must be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty to pursue a claim under California’s law. However, you can still make a claim even if the warranty period has expired.
  2. Give the Dealership Chances to Fix the Problem. Before you can file a claim, the dealership must have an opportunity to correct the problem. You must give them a reasonable number of repair opportunities. A reasonable number of repair opportunities depends largely on the defect and situation.
  3. Educate Yourself About California Lemon Law Remedies. There are two main remedies for car owners under California’s Lemon Law: replacement or repurchase. However, your attorney can help you uncover other potential options for recovery, including additional repairs and cash settlements.
  4. Do Not Let Time Run Out. In California, car owners only have four years to file a claim. Waiting to file a claim could result in being unable to pursue compensation. Do not let time run out, or you could get stuck with a lemon.
  5. Contact a California Lemon Law Attorney. This area of law is complex. Yet, consumers have a right to seek protection. Manufacturers who produce defective vehicles should pay to repair, replace, or repurchase vehicles. An experienced California lemon law attorney can help ensure that your consumer rights are protected along the way.

When meeting with a California lemon law attorney, it is best to bring copies of all receipts and repair orders. Paperwork is often necessary to help establish whether the dealership violated the terms of the warranty. It is also crucial evidence when filing lemon law claims.

Contact a Lemon Law Attorney in Antelope Valley Today

If your car is a lemon and repairs have not helped, then you may be able to file a California lemon law claim. Our attorney will represent you during the process, protecting your rights under the law. To learn more about filing a California lemon law claim, contact our lemon law attorney at Kostas Law Firm.

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