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How to prove that your California car is a lemon

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Lemon Law Vehicles

Many motorists may believe that their vehicle is a lemon, but wonder how to confirm that it qualifies as one under state law. How do you prove that to state officials so you can qualify for a buyback or warranty return as allowed by California Lemon Laws?

Below are a few pieces of information that you’ll want to compile to establish that your car is a lemon should evidence be requested.

Records you should gather

One key component to proving that you have a lemon car is documentation. You must show that your vehicle isn’t functioning optimally after repeatedly taking it for repairs. Some of the documentation that you may want to compile to be able to move forward in filing a lemon law claim includes:

  • Proof of when you purchased the vehicle and any documentation showing its condition at the time of purchase
  • Anything that shows when you began noticing the onset of problems with your vehicle
  • Times which test drives were conducted, names of sales people with you and whether you were present to point out defects during them
  • Proof of repeated visits to the dealership to address the same issue
  • Any evidence showing you gave the dealership to adequately repair your vehicle

You should also preserve any correspondence between you and the dealer or manufacturer. Each of these should include dates and points of contact listed on them. While written communication is always best, you should keep a log of any verbal communication with the same time, date and the target contact person’s information as well.

What are you entitled to under California’s Lemon Law?

Consumers who’ve ended up with a lemon vehicle often ask what type of compensation they are eligible to recover. This may include:

  • The vehicle’s purchase amount
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) registration costs
  • Towing, shipping or rental car fees

The expenses listed above are only some of many lemon car-related expenses you can recover. Time is of the essence in filing such claims, so you’ll want to do so as expeditiously as possible.