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General Motors announces major progress in 2017-2019 Volt recall

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Recalls

Sometimes, motor vehicle manufacturers will try to avoid public awareness of minor defects with their vehicles. Other times, they voluntarily initiate recalls to take defective vehicles off the road and replace components that don’t work as they should. 

General Motors, one of the three biggest automotive manufacturers in the United States, had to recall tens of thousands of Chevrolet Volt EVs. Like many recalls involving defective vehicle components, the Chevy Volt recall has required that drivers present their vehicles at dealerships for repairs. 

Recently, the company has neared an important milestone with this massive recall that may offer hope for those still waiting. 

Battery replacements have been nearly half completed

As of the end of April 2022, roughly 45% of the Chevy Volt EVs involved in the recall have already had the problematic battery cells replaced. There is a similar recall affecting another model, the Bolt EUV, meaning roughly 110,000 vehicles require replacement battery modules in the United States. 

Given that this recall started at a time when supply chain pressures have made keeping crucial vehicle components in stock difficult, successfully completing almost half of the recall replacements is quite impressive. Owners still waiting for battery replacements in their Volt EVs may soon hear about when their turn will come. The number of vehicles sold at the dealership where consumers made the purchase will affect how long the wait is. 

Those coping with a vehicle with serious defects may have rights under California laws. Learning more about vehicle recalls and lemon laws can help you assert your protections as a consumer by filing a claim when you qualify or getting repairs made to a vehicle with defective design and components through a recall.