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Is my vehicle defect covered by a Lemon Law? 

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2022 | Lemon Law Vehicles

Buying a new car is a huge expense and one of the biggest purchases that people make outside of buying a home. You trust that what you’re buying is worth the money you spend. 

With both new and used cars at the highest prices we’ve ever seen, finding out yours has a defect can be a real blow. It’s an expense you don’t ever need and is incredibly frustrating. 

The question is, who’s liable? If you buy a new or used car with a defect, is it covered by California’s Lemon Laws? 

What defects are covered?

Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to either replace or repurchase a vehicle if it has a defect that cannot be fixed and the car is still under warranty. 

You may therefore be covered for a defect if your vehicle falls within the above category.  A defect generally includes everything that can be considered the fault of the manufacturer and not human error, such as: 

  • Defective seat belts 
  • Airbag defects 
  • Power steering loss or steering pull 
  • Engine failure 
  • Electrical problems 
  • Faulty door locks 
  • A lack of power 
  • Faulty brakes 
  • Navigation system issues 
  • An issue with getting power to electric vehicles
  • Sunroof  

What defects will Lemon Law not cover?

Lemon Law will not usually cover defects that have been caused by a car accident or poor-quality repair work. It also won’t cover defects that are the result of the owner’s negligence. If you have a defect, it is best to not try and fix the issue yourself as this can affect your ability to make a claim. 

When you buy a new car, you expect everything to be in working order. If you find yourself with defects, you’re entitled to take action against the manufacturer to have them carry out the repairs. 

Having legal assistance with this process can help you avoid dealing with the manufacturer yourself and give you the best chance at success.