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3 tips to strengthen your California lemon law case

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Lemon Law

Few things are as frustrating as spending hard-earned money on what turns out to be a useless product. When the item costs thousands of dollars, it is even more frustrating.

Unfortunately, that happens to many Americans when they purchase a new or used vehicle. They get stuck with a lemon that should not have been sold in the first place.

You deserve to be made whole after buying a lemon. The following tips can help.

Make enough “reasonable repair attempts”

Under California law, those who purchase a defective auto must make reasonable efforts to have the problem repaired. However, there is no set number of times to take a car in for warranty repairs. Making four or more efforts to have the vehicle repaired can ensure you meet this requirement.

Keep meticulous records

It falls on you to prove that your vehicle purchase saddled you with a lemon. A chain of meticulously kept documentation can help you present such proof. Documents to gather and preserve:

  • Purchase or lease contract
  • Loan and financing paperwork
  • Vehicle service history
  • Detailed service and repair orders
  • Rental car and tow truck receipts
  • Correspondence between you and the dealer

In other words, save every piece of paper and digital document related to your purchase and the problems you continue to experience with the car.

Keep up with your payments

No one wants to keep paying for a worthless vehicle, but since you entered a legal agreement, you must stay current with your obligations. That means making your financing payments on time without any gaps. Save a record of these payments (principal and interest) as it may matter in the outcome of your claim.

Continue learning more about California lemon laws and consumer remedies if you are dealing with a defective automobile under warranty.