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Answers To The Most Asked Lemon Law Questions

As an attorney with over three decades of lemon law experience, Jim Kostas knows what it takes to file a successful suit. In his practice, he has answered hundreds of questions regarding both state lemon laws and federal lemon laws. Here are the most commonly asked questions and their answers. For specific answers to your lemon law questions, schedule a free consultation. You are only charged a fee if your case is taken and you receive compensation. Call 661-202-2444.

What exactly is a “lemon law’?

It’s called a lemon law because a lemon is what people call a car that always has problems. Lemon laws are state and federal consumer protection laws. The purpose of these laws is to protect buyers from being sold or leased a vehicle that does not work as promised and is not being covered as per the warranty.
The vehicle can be something that is a new purchase, a leased vehicle or a vehicle that is under the manufacturer’s warranty.
So, if you buy or lease a car, RV, motor home, motorcycle, travel trailer or boat that gives you issues after issues, you may have bought or leased a lemon. You may also then be eligible to pursue a legal claim under the state or federal lemon law.

Which state and federal laws cover “lemons”?

California state laws that cover this are the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the Tanner Consumer Protection Act. Federally, the consumer protection act that covers “lemons” is known as the Magnusson-Moss Act.

Do I need a lawyer to file a California Lemon Law claim?

You technically rarely “need” a lawyer any time you want to represent yourself. However, unless you understand the scope of state and federal consumer protection laws and how the lemon law works, you may find yourself working very hard and making very little progress.
Lemon law attorney Jim Kostas offers a free consultation. He can review your warranty, service contracts and maintenance records to determine whether you have a case. If he takes your case, he will then advise as to which steps to take to present the strongest case on your behalf. Your dealer and the vehicle manufacturer do not “represent themselves” in legal cases. They have experienced attorneys do that. It makes sense that you would do this, too.

Can I file a claim for a used car that is a “lemon”?

Any vehicle that has an active manufacturer’s warranty will typically be eligible for lemon law protection and the remedies these laws provide. While your vehicle is under warranty, you should take it to an authorized repair facility for warranty repairs. Your local dealership is often your best resource for this.

What if the dealer tells me my car is operating normally when I know it is not?

You are probably right! You know your own car. You drive it every day, and you know what it feels like when it is running normally. Sometimes people are told that their vehicles are operating “normally” when the dealer cannot diagnose or repair a particular problem. If your car has a condition that does not seem right to you and you are told it is operating normally, contact Attorney Kostas for a free consultation. You may be entitled to relief under the lemon law.

How will I pay for a lawyer to help me?

You do not need to pay out of pocket for legal help. There is no fee unless your case is won. The lemon law makes the manufacturer pay your attorney fees.

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While not every case will be a viable lemon law case, many cases are. The good news is that it costs nothing to find out whether or not you do in fact have a case. Call attorney Jim Kostas at Kostas Law Firm to schedule a free consultation: 661-202-2444. Much like explorer Ernest Shackleton, Jim has the endurance to make the journey and the experience to prevail. You can also reach Jim at the firm by sending an inquiry email. The firm is located in Palmdale and provides lemon law service to people throughout Antelope Valley.