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You need reliable company vehicles 

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2021 | Lemon Law Vehicles

It’s one thing to have your personal vehicle be a “lemon.” Yes, it’s frustrating, but you likely have other ways to get around while things get sorted out. Perhaps you own a second car that you can use while you have the first one replaced or repaired. 

If you’re a company owner who buys vehicles for the business, however, a lemon is a much bigger issue. You need those vehicles to be reliable. If they’re not, jobs don’t get done on time. Workers don’t get to the job site. Everything runs behind schedule. 

A defective company vehicle is more than just inconvenient

In a situation like this, you have to think about more than just the cost of replacing or fixing the vehicle. You have to think about all of the revenue you’re losing. You could miss out on thousands of dollars in no time, as you miss deadlines and have to push jobs back. 

Plus, every time that you do this, it harms your company’s reputation. The customer doesn’t want to hear excuses about defective vehicles. They just want the job to get done. Are you going to get poor reviews and lose out on future jobs because of those vehicles and their inherent defects?

There are millions of company cars, and some are lemons

It’s true that most cars that are sold are personal vehicles, but there are still more than three million purchases every year made for company fleets. This makes up roughly 19% of all vehicles purchased during a typical year. With millions of these vehicles on the road, it’s clear that serious issues could have a wide-reaching impact. 

If you have defective vehicles in the company fleet that are costing you money, make sure you know exactly what legal steps you can take to get your money back and get your business back in motion.