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Nikola recalls EV trucks over battery fire problem

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2023 | Lemon Law, Recalls, Vehicle Defects

Whether running on a combustion engine or an electric motor, all automobiles carry an inherent fire risk. It could be an issue with the fuel line or a battery problem that raises the risk of a car fire, and car fires are dangerous to drivers, passengers and anyone nearby.

If vehicle manufacturers issue recalls for their automobiles for even the slightest hint of a car fire risk, what more if the vehicle reportedly burst into flames more than once?

Such was the case with electric vehicle maker Nikola, which issued a recall last week for all the battery-powered Tre trucks it has sold to date. The company also suspended all sales of the truck.

Nikola ordered a full recall after an investigation found that several of the Tre trucks suffered battery fires. According to the company, a coolant leak inside a battery pack was the cause of the fires. The automaker additionally explained that a faulty component manufactured by a single supplier was the likely cause of the coolant leak.

Originally, Nikola suspected foul play when one of the damaged trucks it inspected in June reignited last month.

The recall affects 209 Tre trucks.

How California’s Lemon Law can help affected trucking companies

Under California’s Lemon Law, a vehicle owner may be entitled to a repair or replacement if a relatively new motor vehicle continues to experience issues even after several reasonable repair attempts. This could apply to trucking companies with Tre trucks that have suffered multiple fire incidents.

Trucking companies may be able to file a Lemon Law claim after at least two separate repairs for a battery fire. Per the law, a vehicle owner who has taken the vehicle for repairs two or more times for an issue that’s deadly enough to cause death or serious injury can file a claim.

It’s unnatural – and very dangerous – for any vehicle to ignite into flames multiple times. Anyone who owns such a vehicle should consider their legal options when filing a Lemon Law claim.