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Does the Lemon Law cover delivery vans and commercial vehicles?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2023 | Lemon Law, Lemon Law Vehicles

Every day, commercial vans and trucks transport valuable goods and materials across the country. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the average delivery vehicle travels 12,435 miles annually.

These vehicles are important for businesses that rely upon them to make deliveries and ship products. Any issues with them can lead to disruptions and financial losses.

Coverage for commercial vehicles

California’s Lemon Law extends its protection to commercial vehicles, including delivery vans, trucks and other business-related automobiles. To be eligible for coverage under the Lemon Law, your commercial vehicle must meet certain criteria. First, your business must have no more than five vehicles registered under its name. This condition is in place to ensure that the law primarily benefits small businesses. In addition, the commercial vehicle’s gross weight must be less than 10,000 pounds. This weight limit includes a wide range of vehicles, including many delivery vans and trucks.

Identifying a lemon

Determining if your commercial vehicle qualifies as a lemon can be complex. Signs of a lemon can include persistent mechanical and electrical issues and extensive repair attempts while under warranty. A vehicle that remains unreliable despite numerous fix attempts might be a lemon.

If you think you own a lemon, you can seek a refund of the purchase price or lease payments for your defective commercial vehicle. In some cases, you can request a replacement vehicle of similar value and specifications as the lemon. If negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer are unsuccessful, you can seek compensation for your lemon vehicle.

As a California business owner, you have legal options if you are facing persistent issues with a delivery van or truck.